I enjoy research-informed teaching of both undergraduates and postgraduates. I welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students, particularly on topics related to heritage crime and green criminology and I can help write applications for funding.

As well as dissertation supervision, pastoral care, and group taught modules, at present I am the course convenor of two modules at Loughborough University:

  • Green Criminology

This is a module I’ve recently introduced to our programme that really reflects my passion for environmental protection. Using a wide range of international case studies and interactive methods, we examine environmental harms from a criminological perspective. We think about what constitutes environmental ‘harm’ and when does it become criminal; who commits crime against the environment; and who suffers as a consequence. We also explore possible responses to ‘green’ crimes. I’m so happy that the students on this module have reacted so positively and I’m looking forward to future iterations.

  • Crime Prevention

I love teaching this module – we take crime prevention tours to look out for good and bad practice, students design a report on burglary prevention, we have debates and practical examples to work through, and there’s even a Christmas crime prevention quiz at the end of the module! It is so much fun to be part of.

In previous years I have run a Victimology module. The resources for this are freely available under a Creative Commons license on a standalone website.